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Warm Summer Night Dreams (Ada de Luque)

FALLING (pure romance in a soft jazz ballad)

YELLOW BUTTERFLY (beautiful inspirational ballad of love)

NO COLOR OF YOU (a soft jazz sequel to the shadow of a smile)

ACROSS THE RIVER OF MY LOVE (unique latin jazz with a touch of classical)

TU CONSEJO (a" bolero" for a lost yet unforgettable love)

THE NEARNESS OF YOU (upbeat jazz)

LASCIVIOUS LOVE (100% pure sensuality…can you take it?)

AGUA DE COCO (a reggae, with a message and a sexy twist)

DRUME (a lullaby to a broken heart, in Cuban-Afro style, with a touch of jazz and classical)

A WARM SUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (a spiritual journey, in soft latin jazz)

PAZZIA (energetic jazz ballad, with the pain of a bleeding heart, in Italian)

FALLING - Club version (get ready to dance!)


"...a voice of rich and velvety quality...bella voce..."
(Luciano Pavarotti)

“…a unique blend of smooth jazz, Latin/Caribbean, and classical music influences, topped with the beauty of Ada’s highly sensual and sultry voice makes “Warm Summer Night Dreams” a most enjoyable cocktail” (B.Barouk, Editor, City Smart Magazine)

Reviewer: Dirk Stursberg (Radio DJ)
This is it! Beautiful songs, brilliant voice. ADA DE LUQUE sings like an angel. So don`t miss her CD "WARM SUMMER NIGHT DREAMS". Buy it now!

Warm Summer Night Dreams (LuzArt)
Reviewed by Shaun Dale, Cosmik Debris Magazine

Cuban born, Miami raised, Ada de Luque devoted her early years to the study of opera, obtaining a Master's degree in Classical Music and Vocal Performance, and studying with private coaches including Luciano Pavarotti. More recently, she's gained recognition as a songwriter, composing international hits for the Latin market.
On Warm Summer Night Dreams she generally restrains her operatic impulses in favor of sensuous performances of her Latin flavored pop/jazz compositions. This is richly romantic music, and she delivers passionate performances against restrained backing by members of Miami's Latin music A-list. There's a hint of Brazil, a touch of Afro-Cuban and some good ol' American pop in the mix, but the only likely marketplace for this music is in the smooth jazz category. That's a shame, in a way, because what she's doing is much better music than most of what ends up on that shelf, but at least it offers an upgrade for the genre.

The album calls for candlelight, wine and a close personal friend, and it's a wonderful accompaniment for the scene those accessories imply.

Pick this up at!!!

© 2003 - Shaun Dale

"... Ada's marvelously striking voice exudes passion, fervor, delight and devotion. This gifted composer of beautiful melodies and elegant lyrics has successfully captured the essence of our deepest and most sincere emotions..." (S.Gautier, Les Nouvelles Magazine)

"...What a beautiful voice Ada has ... in particular I like the upbeat songs ... and the reggae ... since I am a jazz junkie, I really enjoyed the music! (Jim Jenkins, Founder, Children With AIDS Project of America)

Splendid E-zine review:
...Ada de Luque sings smooth jazz -- candle-lit, Latin-influenced smooth jazz... de Luque's voice is undeniably accomplished and beautifully sincere, straining against the lukewarm quality of her material enough to generate captivating sparks... "No Color of You" "Falling" and "Drume" hold back enough schmaltz to let de Luque's sighing vocals register significantly on an emotional scale...

Matt Pierce of Splendid E-zine - 10-11-2003

"...I am so glad I attended Friday's performance at Power Studio for Ada de Luque. It was such a romantic evening...I hope that Ms.Luque performs more often. Most definitely we'll return for more.
(R. Ahumada)

...A wonderful musical experience, a true seduction. The sound of Ada's voice coupled with the talent of her skillful musicians will leave you breathless. An overall impressive, soothing and floating sound....( Maria Falcon, about Ada's recent performance at Power Studios)...

... Hace unas dos semanas Stephanie me llama. Nos encontramos para un rapido lunch, y me habla de un maravilloso concierto. Algo magico para la noche de San Valentin. Jazz!!!!!! Y fue realmente magico! El ambiente que se respiraba en el Club era fascinante. Sobre las 10, aparecio ADA, su cara me parecio conocida, pero no la ubicaba, empezaron sus melodias y yo, poco simpatizante del jazz, me fui dejando envolver en la melodia de su voz y en el ambiente de la noche de enamorados. Para mi sorpresa, en una de las canciones finales del primer tiempo, cerro sus ojos, y dio entrada a la melodia con tonos de opera...!! Felicitaciones a ADA por su concierto, su voz, su elegancia, y su grupo de apoyo, y mis sinceras gracias a Stephanie por haberme trasmitido su secreto. Si! El secreto de ir a oir la VOZ de ADA!!! Muy sinceramente, Tina Nava Coca
PS: Podrian preprar una noche asi, solamente de boleros?
Yo me encargo de llenarles el club.Palabra!! Los boleros son la vida del romanticismo cubano y latino.
ADA!!! WOW!!! EL CD esta lindisimo!!! Y QUE VOZ!!! Una voz super deep y sensual, pero tambien dulce dulce cuando quiere! Todas las canciones estan lindisimas!!! Hay para todos gustos y eso ensena su versatilidad!! En serio la felicito! Esta lindisimo!
Paola Barrera
Reviewer: Victor Lue-Yat

At the invitation of some friends I first heard Ada's music at a private club. This album is a wonderful blend of cultures that "cook-up" rich flavors of smooth-jazz. It reflects the energy of Ada's live performances and will be one to play at parties, relaxing with friends or even just to enjoy in your own quiet time. I encourage all to enjoy the magical journey her music will take any listener on.
Email from Helio de Luque

In a world where everything is not always what it seems, it is
refreshing to hear the honesty of your music.

Love you sis.

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